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C.O.R.E. Program for Teachers

Collaborative Observational Reflective Experience


C.O.R.E. Program for Teachers

Now imagine this scenario:  An applicant goes through the hiring process and, if selected for employment, is introduced to a support team of colleagues and administrators who champion life-long learning and plan to introduce the new teacher into a culture of collaborative observational reflective experiences.  Instead of giving a message that is perceived as “now that you are hired, let’s make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong, so you can keep your job”, provide a positive initiation that sends the message; “now that you are hired, how can we help you succeed as a teacher?”  ?”  Imagine the excitement, collegiality, sense of belonging, and community, that could be created around professional development on campuses everywhere!

The Collaborative Observational Reflective Experience (C.O.R.E.) Program for Teachers provides a template that has been developed to offer a non-judgmental, professional, valuable, and positive professional development experience in a one-to-one setting.  It is collaborative because the interaction, dialogue, and involvement is designed to create an egalitarian relationship where both individuals directly involved in the experience benefit equally.  The skill sets and knowledge that each participant brings to the table is recognized and valued.  This experience has an observational component in that one colleague will visit another’s classroom to watch a lesson being taught while taking objective and subjective notes.  The follow up chat allows for sharing of ideas and reflecting on teaching practices by both the observer and the teacher being observed.  Colleague mentoring transforms into a dual learning situation where authentic self-assessment is facilitated.


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