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'The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge' -Bertrand Russell

During my residency at the City of London Freemens School, I found myself observing and then reflecting on some of my own habits. We have all developed certain traits based on our personal life experiences or dreams.  They may be little things, that serve to remind us of someone special, or perhaps an action that reminds us of who we aspire to be.  Often these 'little things' are actually not so little at all, but central to our core, and can make a huge difference to our future, keeping us on track when life gets tough or exhausting.

I noticed how many “wingtips” were worn by the teachers and administrators at this incredible school, even some of the women wore them.  Why is this interesting to me?... I wear “wingtips” to honor my grandfather, the most honorable of men, who would wear them on special occasions.  As a young man, I always told myself that when I got older, I would do the same. Teaching is the noblest profession I know, and every day that I teach has the potential to be a special occasion.  I wear my wingtips EVERYDAY!

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